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Blessed Home Builders and Developers is a branch of Quality Affordable Homes, which began building homes in 1987.  We have just celebrated our 20th year anniversary.Our goal is to provide quality construction while keeping construction costs as affordable as possible.  To date, our company has built over 40 houses.  Mr. Hans Vandergouw, principle of Blessed Home Builders a& Developers, has a construction supervisors license and is versed in all phases of single family construction, from site analysis to handing the key to the new owner of a Blessed Home.

When we began Quality Affordable Homes, our initial goal to provide affordable housing.  Then, in the late 1990's an allied goal evolved, which was to provide homeowners with a more enhanced capability of gaining economic freedom. This goal gave impetus to share and disseminate the concept of the "Smart Home". Amazingly, a financial plan developed from this concept so that one could realistically become a millionaire (and possibly even greater).  With the Blessed Home Program, we emphasize that becoming a millionaire is to be done for the right reasons.  Ultimately, it is to glorify God so His kingdom can advance through His body, the church.   Click on the left hand box "How to Become a Millionaire Using the Smart Home Program" which will link you to that page.

Another tool which assists the owner in achieving financial freedom (i.e. wealth) even more quickly is through the use of the Mortgage Savers Program, otherwise abbreviated MSP (for more information, please click on the link on the left hand side).  Other than a small sign-up fee, this program is free yet can save the homeowner thousands upon thousands of dollars.  It's principle is short of being miraculous.

Then, in 2006 we officially launched "The Blessed Home Program".  This program entails using an "addition" as a blessing to both the homeowner as well as the one living in the addition.  Again, the "addition" can be used either as an income generator to help the homeowner become financially independent and/or providing an additional residence for family members, church family (i.e. to help house missionaries while stateside, for example),  assisted living facility or any other means that the "addition" can be a blessing. Moreover, further analysis revealed a program whereby one can realistically become a millionaire by utilizing the "Smart Home". We felt this was a very important concept to disseminate. For there are very few investment programs that allow this type of gain to be realistically and safely made without risks commonly associated with stock/commodity market investing. 
It is our desire to help you attain housing and financial independence using this program as never before.  This is a true blessing for us as it would be for you.
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How to Become a Millionaire Using the Smart Home Program
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Another Quality Affordable Home built in Mill Creek, Bradenton, FL.  Although not a "Smart Home", this nearly 2,200 sq. ft. home featured a 3 bedroom split design, great room, formal living and dining.
The Windsor,  3,300 sq. ft. "Smart Home" provides up to 3 separate living quarters.  What a blessing this home can be! Click "What is a Smart Home" and see why
The Brantham, a 2,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" which provides 2 separate living quarters.  Built in Florida, it became our first "Florida" cape style "Smart" home.
Although not a "Smart Home", Quality Affordable Homes built this 2,345 sq. ft. home in Hidden Oaks, Bradenton, FL and features 3 bedroom split design with 3 full baths (including a pool bath), den, formal LR and DR with large family room. A lot of house for the square footage.
Our Mission

Is simple.  We desire to provide you with the best home that your budget can provide.  But beyond that, we wish to bless you into considering the concept of what the "Smart Home" can do for you. There are multiple advantages to consider in doing so, which we believe can truly translate to be a blessing not only to you and your household, but potentially to others as well.  Just click on some of the associated links that describe the nature of how this concept can and will bless you.
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