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What is the Blessed House Program?

Begin by taking 'Tour a "Smart Home"' which can be accessed by clicking the link at the top of the page. Then link to the page, How to Become a Millionaire Using the Smart Home Program on the left.  This will describe in detail how this concept can work an incredible blessing to you and your family.  Moreover, the blessing can be enhanced by joining up with the Mortgage Savers Program, which you can read about in the "What is MSP?" link, also to the left.  For the shortened version of this topic, begin by reading  The Blessing below.

The Blessing

The First Blessing

In "How to Become a Millionaire Using the Smart Home Program" link, you where shown how you could realistically become a millionaire by using the combined tools of the “Smart Home Program” , Mortgage Savers Program, buying down a mortgage, increased real estate property valuations and tax deductions (tax savings by property depreciation, mortgage interest deductions, etc).  If you haven’t read this, please do so, as it will give you a good understanding of how a family can realistically pay off a $200,000 thirty year mortgage in as little as 13 years!  Then we took this concept a little further.  We looked to see what would happen if you would continue paying an “imaginary” mortgage of the same amount in combination with the income generated from the “Smart Home Program” for an additional 17 years beyond the 13 years when your paid off your mortgage (which would equal 30 years, a standard mortgage term).  We assumed that this shouldn’t be a problem since you had been doing this for over 13 years anyway.  This in effect becomes a planned savings account which at the end of 17 years will total a whopping $376,585 gross profit!!!  Realize that this amount is pure profit, free and clear.  If you were to place the $1,837 monthly payment in a modest 5% savings account, it would balloon to over $588,803 (this shows the power of compound interest accumulation) in the 17 year period following your total mortgage payoff, which occurred 13 years earlier.  Also, recognize that this amount is on top of the value of your home, which should accumulate increased valuation over time. Assuming that single family residences appreciate approximately 10% yearly based on average historic values, your property alone would be worth over $700,000 after the first 13 years.  Then, if we incorporate the “Smart Home” Savings plan in addition with the 10% property appreciation factor, 15 years from the time you purchased the original house, you would have a calculated total of $937,082. This is remarkable, for you are almost near $1 million dollars.   So, in 17 years from when you first bought your home, your total worth would take you over the $1 million mark, 1,184,000 to be exact!!!  Therefore, based on our calculations, somewhere between years 16 and 17, you would acheive the distinction of becoming a millionaire.

Now, if we take the same percentage increase for property appreciation (10%) over a total 30 year time span, your property should appreciate to $3,967,657! Wow!!  This is indeed a serious blessing.

Realize that these calculations do not take into account income fluctuations, rising or falling property valuation percentages or economic changes that can take place over the course of the time frames we are looking at.  Rarely does life treat us that well that we can count on all going perfectly as planned or expected.  Yet, on the opposite side of the coin there is the possibility that one can see greater increases in either “Smart Home” income generation or property appreciation.  For example, it is doubtful you would still expect to only receive $600/month income in 15 years from when you first started (which we used for our example).  At the same time, property appreciation could surpass 10% yearly as some markets have.  California comes to mind as one. However, we have tried to use realistic values to depict current trend and history.  Based on that criteria, it is reasonable to predict that one could realistically achieve a net worth over $1,000,000 within a 17 to 20 year time horizon.  With prudent and conservative investing, if you cashed out at the end of 20 years and were able to achieve a 10% return on $1.5 million, your could effectively retire with a $150,000 per year income.  And again, this is not chicken feed, but a true and wonderful blessing.

Blessing #2

The next level of blessing essentially comes as you become a blessing to others.  This can take place through various means.  On such example would be by simply helping out family members.  Whether you provide help to your parents as they get older or to your newly married son or daughter (to assist them as they begin their new family), you can become a great blessing to them.  Another way to be a blessing would be to take in someone outside of your immediate family.  Possibly you can provide a place for a young believer, for example.  Or, even renting the additional living area to non-believers.  By doing so, it would provide an opportunity for you to impact their life with a Christian witness as they may never have experienced before.  This could potentially mean the difference between a soul saved.  Or, you can offer this additional space under the designation of an assisted care facility.  Be sure to check local codes as well as covenants to an established subdivision you may be living in to make sure such a caretaking facility is allowed.

Even as you “help” your immediate family or others, it still is possible to receive a return income blessing. In the case with your newly married son or daughter, it actually may be a good idea to still have them pay a monthly rent, since they need to learn responsibility (you may save up the “rent“  for them as a means for them to put a down payment on their first house or the furniture that will be needed to outfit the dwelling). And if you decide to open an assisted care facility, monetary compensation can often times be very respectable under this provision.      

Another way to be an incredible blessing is to “bless a missionary” or a church guest from out of town who is in need of temporary housing.   

Blessing #3

The last level of blessing comes as a culmination from doing all the above so that you can become a greater provider for advancing the kingdom of God. In so doing, I personally believe you will be wonderfully blessed by your Father who art in heaven.  Why?   Because first, you are becoming a better steward of your finances.  By being diligent and focused to become a better steward of your finances through incorporating the “Blessed Home Program“, you will immediately be able to bless the Lord with an increase in your tithes and offerings to Him. The consequences of His blessing and promises are spoken of in the last book of the old testament, Malachi.  Malachi  3:10 states, “bring the whole tithe (identified biblically as the first 10% of your income) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My House.  Test Me in this, ‘says the Lord Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it…..“  What a wonderful promise.  Please read our testimony below, which is proof of this promise found in God’s word.

By incorporating Blessing level #2, Jesus would say, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did unto Me” (Matt. 25:40).  Just by being a blessing to others, you’re blessing the Lord.  That’s always a good thing.

Besides this program being a financial help to you, and quite an incredible one as we have been able to show, the ultimate result is you are also in a position to bless the Lord with your abundance in a greater measure.  No doubt, this would be a blessing to Him. The consequences of this blessing is multifold and goes mightily beyond what we could think or even expect.  By enhanced financial stewardship and prosperity (again, in a realistic way), your now able to impact the church you attend in much greater way. Through increased tithes and offerings, you are going to obviously bless your church.  In so doing, your church is going to be able to impact not only the local community (your Jerusalem) in a greater way, but hopefully to Samaria and Judea as well. Ultimately, it is hoped that through greater financial sowing you will also be able to impact the dissemination of the Gospel to the outermost ends of the earth to help fulfill the Great Commission.  And in so doing, you will most certainly help bring forth the coming of the Messiah more quickly.  And, in this we say, Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

Ultimately, besides being a blessing to the Lord, which in turn, will provide a blessing to you, there can be no greater reward than the Lord’s pronouncement over you when the time comes for you to come face to Face with Him.  I believe there can be no greater reward at the time when He would speak to you and say………….

“Well done good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put ou in charge of many things. Come and share Your Master's happiness!"                                            Matt 25:23 
Our Testimony
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How to Become a Millionaire Using the Smart Home Program
What is the  Blessed House Program?
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A Second or Vacation Home Blessing

As shown in the First Blessing,  we are able to show you the potential of realistically becoming a millionaire within a 16 to 17 year time frame.  Another way to add to your investment portfolio is to build a second Smart Home, which could be used as a income producing property, vacation get-away or possibly even a speculation house sale.  As a vacation get-away, the thought is to rent out the main part of the home for an extended lease period.  The additional living area (i.e. in-law apartment) could be used for your dwelling when on vacation in the area you build the home.  The blessing in this matter is two-fold.  Not only do you have a place to stay while vacationing, but the rental on the main part of the home would provide income to pay for the expenses such as mortgage, taxes, insurance and maintainence.  At the same time, realize that this house is also gaining valuation over time and becomes another great investment. 

We are convinced that this matter of investment is much more safe and secure than any plan that would involve stocks, bonds, and commodity investing.
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