How Does the Mortgage Savers Program Work?

Within just a few months of restructuring your monthly mortgage payments to bi-weekly payments, your account will
begin to build a surplus of savings that will amount to the equivalent of one extra mortgage payment a year.  When a homeowner changes to a bi-weekly payment system, it allows them to accumulate the equivalency of a 13th payment within a year, thus allowing them to make 26  bi-weekly payments.  Bi-weekly means every 2 weeks, not twice per month.  This extra payment is directly applied to the principle amount of the mortgage, thereby building equity 300% faster.

For example, a $1,000 monthly payment becomes a $500 bi-weekly payment.    Instead of writing a check each month, your bi-weekly mortgage payments are electronically debited from your bank account through a division of the Federal Reserve, the caretaker of our banking system in America.  Rest assured, you can have complete confidence that this program is legal, safe and will save you thousands of dollars because the escrow account for performing this service will be held at America’s largest bank while your mortgage is still held by the mortgagor.  The bank will transfer your bi-weekly mortgage payments into this account, where it can begin accumulating savings that are applied directly to your principle.  In this way, your mortgage payments are made for you automatically while you will save thousands upon thou-sands of dollars, for only a one time $49 setup fee.

Again, to begin this program, call us today or email us with the following information requested below.

Savings Analysis Form

Simply fill out this form and send it to us, or email us with the information requested, or simply call and we will do a mortgage analysis to see how much you can save.





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Full Mortgage Amount_______________                           

Interest Rate:_____%  Term____ yrs.

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Date of 1st Payment Made:________                              

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Here’s an example of how much you can save with the Mortgage Savers Program, using a 30 year $200,000 mortgage at a 7% interest rate.

                                            With   Without
Interest Savings              $70,347    -0-

Payments eliminated          77.0      -0-

Years to Pay Off                23.3      30

Savings in 5 years          $20.950     -0-

Savings in 10 years        $49,365     -0-

Avg. yearly savings         $4,344     -0-

Based on the Above Comparison..................

Would you rather pay 30 years on a monthly mortgage or own your home free and clear in 23.3 years, almost 7 years earlier?

Make monthly mortgage payments yourself and save NOTHING or make an extra $70,347 just by using the Mortgage Savers Program at no extra cost to you except for the minimal set-up fee?

The Mortgage Savers Program is an extremely wise investment.  Just think, with only a $49.00 investment (one time set-up charge) you will be able to see over a $49,000 return in 10 years or $70,347 in 23.3 years - completely risk free.  No stock or mutual fund can offer this kind of surety and/or safety.  That’s why we call this program a “no-brainer”.  Call (941) 730-0716 today or e-mail us with your interest to start this remarkable program.

Did you Know?

That after paying 15 years on a 30 year mortgage you will still owe 90% of the amount you borrowed.

And after paying nearly 23 years on that 30 year mortgage, you’ll still owe over 50% of the amount you borrowed.

The F.D.I.C. estimates that lender mistakes occur in 1 out of every 2 mortgages, overcharging homeowners $8-$10 BILLION each year. Mortgage Savers Program will analyze your current mortgage for such mistakes, free!

Using Mortgage Savers Program You Get All This With............

  • No Refinancing

  • No Credit Reports

  • No Home Appraisal

  • No Closing Costs

  • No Change In Lender

No change whatsoever to your current mortgage agreement and, the Mortgage Savers Program prepares and executes all the required paperwork for this service. It also analyzes the payment of your mortgage thereby keeping the lender in check so you are not overcharged. 

All this for only a one time set-up fee of $49.00*

*If for whatever reason your not satisfied with the service, you can obtain a full refund of the set-up fee for up to 1 year.
Our Promise to You

If within a year you wish to cancel the Mortgage Savers Program, we will without hesitation refund your one time setup fee of $49.00. And the service can be canceled at any time, without hassle or penalty.  This is our promise to you.
Phone: 941-730-0716
Fax: (800)-235-2704 
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