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The Windsor, a 3,300 sq. ft. "Smart Home" provides up to 3 separate living quarters.  What a blessing this home can be! Click "Tour a "Smart Home" above and see why!
The Brantham, a 2,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" which provides 2 separate living quarters.  Built in Florida, it became our first "Florida" cape style "Smart" home.
Although not a "Smart Home", Quality Affordable Homes built this 2,345 sq. ft. home in Hidden Oaks, Bradenton, FL and features 3 bedroom split design with 3 full baths (including a pool bath), den, formal LR and DR with large family room. A lot of house for the square footage.
We would be very interested in working with Christian investors and developers in regard to putting together a project that would feature a collection of "Smart Homes".  We are convinced that this concept is a winner. With the versatility and multi-functionality that a "Smart Home" commands, there can be no question that it will become a sure seller, even in tough real estate markets.  In fact, it is the very nature of a "Smart Home" to be a blessing economically when the economy goes south.  The added bonus of additional income from the rented portion of a "Smart Home" makes this concept a winner under numerous market conditions.

We would very much like to discuss your role and interests in working with us.  Whether you are interested in strictly investing, land development (i.e subdivisions), have land to develop, funds to invest in for specific projects,  or for us to work with you on an existing project, we most certainly like to speak with you.  There can be no doubt that this concept of home ownership is geared to allowing the Christian community to become better stewards of their finances.  Again, our purpose is to build together for the sake of enhancing and advancing the kingdom of God, both personally as well as for Him, to all is due.

Please contact us either via the "Contact Us" link above, or give us a call at (941) 730-0716. 
Phone: 941-730-0716
Fax: (800)-235-2704 
Churches and Christian Organizations

Do have land that you would like to consider developing into a Blessed Smart Home Community? Is there a consortium of investors, builders, or any interested party that may want to get on board with the concept of building a Blessed Smart Home Community for the sake of not only being blessed but blessing the Lord?  Please give us a call and let's consider networking for the sake of the Gospel.