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We are offering a forum whereby responsible Christians seeking to own their own home can come into contact with an investor (Christian preferably) who would be willing to fund this ownership via a program of renting with option to purchase.

Due to the fact that the subprime market has dried up so significantly and standard mortgages are difficult to obtain, we believe the Christian community can benefit greatly by offering a protected program of investment through the "Smart Home" concept. 

For example, the investor can benefit not only in the sale of a house, but use the income generated from the "Smart Home" rental as a means to provide both an income source while helping to to help fund the buyers downpayment requirements.  This is but one of numerous examples that can be utilized to help a Christian family become owners of the most important financial investment they can make in their life here on earth, a house.

Click here to provide us with your name, either as an investor or individual seeking to buy a "Smart Home" and we will assist the two parties regarding their interest.  
A "Blessed Proposal"

We would like to share a networking concept with you that we believe can seriously bless all involved.  "All involved" means you, your church, the congregation members and ultimately our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As you may have deduced from reading any part of our website, the key point to becoming involved in the "Blessed House Program", is using a home as a tool for financial stewardship, financial blessing, helps ministry and ultimately, as a means to bless the Lord for the purposes of expanding His kingdom.

To expand this vision on a most significant basis, we felt that we could offer a networking plan that could truly bless the body of Christ.  In so doing, we would bless the Lord in a significant way as well.

Here is our offer........

Our company would like to bless your church with a 10% tithe from the profits of any project that is consummated between one of your congregations members and our company.

As a means to build the body of Christ, we desire to network with builders in your congregation. The collateral benefits can be additive.  For example, the builder who profits from becoming involved with building a "Smart Home" will (should) be able to increase their givings to your church via increased tithes and offerings.

And the congregation member who uses the "Blessed Home Program" should also be able to incease their tithes and offerings as well.  This can potentially expand if that congregation member would consider building a second home/vacation home (assuming they are financially qualified), even to the point of entering into a program of building and selling. 

As has been shown, this program can seriously and realistically show your congregations members how they can become millionaire(s) in as little as 15-17 years, owning their home free and clear while being able to build a significant nest egg within 30 years by using the "Smart Home" concept of continued income generation.

If a second home is built in the context of a vacation home, this residence can also provide income by utilizing the "Smart Home" concept while adding income (again increasing tithes and offerings), investment, and "nest egg" growth.

The above two points can best be broadcast to your congregation by offering our brochure.  We can provide a bulletin insert for copy purposes or offer a counter display, including a package of 25 brochures, free of charge.  A sample of our brochure is noted below.  Lastly, we would also be willing to come and hold a "Blessed Home Program" seminar at your church.  Please contact us if you would like to do so.

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The Windsor,  3,300 sq. ft. "Smart Home" provides up to 3 separate living quarters.  What a blessing this home can be! Click "What is a Smart Home" and see why
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The Brantham, a 2,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" which provides 2 separate living quarters.  Built in Florida, it became our first "Florida" cape style "Smart" home.
Although not a "Smart Home", Quality Affordable Homes built this 2,345 sq. ft. home in Hidden Oaks, Bradenton, FL and features 3 bedroom split design with 3 full baths (including a pool bath), den, formal LR and DR with large family room. A lot of house for the square footage.
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